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About Us

HG Tanks 2020


HG Tanks was founded in Loomis California in 2020 and we are proud to be a part of the greater Sacramento area's business and industry. We never intended to start a company amidst a global pandemic, but in stride we moved forward and began filling breweries with much needed brew tank additions. With the help of our neighbors and friends in the welding community, we quickly grew from tank supply to large scale project development and planning. We have completed a 60BBL multi-vessel production build and install, a local 20BBL tank expansion, and many smaller brewery additions in our first year. We have been happy to provide Unitank fermenters to breweries, but have found our mark in development of large scale projects involving consultation and design fitted specifically to our customers wants and needs within budget. We can build and modify in the USA. 

Our team is composed of a rolodex of stainless steel welders, automation specialists and a former brewer all fitted to exercise their knowledge with our customers who request these needed skills. Our focus is to listen first and foremost to our clients. We want to help you turn your vision of success into a reality. You know what you need and want for your business, and it is our job to help support those needs with our team. We are highly respectful of budgets, and while we understand their are cheaper supply companies out there, we focus on providing the best product at a fair price. We do help with financing if that is ever needed with our financing partners. On occasion, financing short term can make sense and make all the difference in the size and ability of your business and planned expansions. 

We are proud of our partners in business. They have turned ideas into functioning facilities through dedicated time with us. We welcome questions and value opinions outside of what we know. Shared knowledge and information is paramount in the future of any organization, and we gladly share that with our customers. As most folks in the brewing industry know, not one person can have all the answers about a brewery. It is a collaborative meeting of the minds outside of the craft of designing beer recipes and the brewing process. We invite you to speak with us and we look forward to offering you the kind of customer service you can rely on for the future of your business. 

HG Tanks in located in the small train town of Loomis California just outside of Sacramento. Sacramento is a hub of some award winning breweries in the state and offers a wide variety of styles as well as a friendly local community of brewers that shares knowledge and support. We are proud to be a part of the local community here. We also have customers all over the country including parts of the East Coast and Canada. Give us a call so we can help you continue building on your dream of contributing to the craft beer industry. 

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