• Touchscreen Interface 

  • Glycol Solenoids 

  • Wi-Fi Integration                 

  • RTD Temp Reading                

  • Timers and Alarms                  

  • Remote Control via Mobile     

  • VFD pump and Rake Controls 

  • Glycol Cellar Controls 

  • Recipe Data Collection            

  • Customize Logo Watermarks

  • Fermentation Monitoring

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With years of experience in process equipment, HG Tanks is proud to be providing optimized controls for the completed systems we offer.  Every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the highest standard of product and services to our customers. 

With that being promised, we have partnered with Craft Automation out of Kalamazoo MI to bring you American designed and built touch screen brew system controls. We strive for intuitive, streamlined processes that optimize production and lower costs. Now you have the technical support behind your uni-tanks and brew vessels to optimize production and track your production process. Custom programming and data collection for brewing and recipe tracking is available.


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