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  • The tank walls are rolled with 304 stainless steel

  • We used EPDM rubber or silicon for our gaskets

  • For more critical systems, we use a Teflon/304 SS blended gasket

  • For extreme temperature tanks we build with 304L Stainless Steel at 4mm gauge

  • Standard wall thickness is 3mm gauge 

  • Insulated walls with polyurethane 

*We can build with 316SS upon request*


HG Tanks accepts wire transfers direct, or checks by mail. Products must be paid for in full before shipping release. We do not accept CC payments for orders above $1000 USD*


We accept 50% deposits on tanks in stock to hold up to 30 days. After 30 days we request full payment, and to ship within the next 30 days following.


We ship all over the US, Canada, Mexico, and the South Pacific. Rates change regularly. Our preferred shippers are below.


We warranty our tanks for our customers for 5 years. Our warranty is provided on a case by case basis provided the customer offers photos of damages and it is determined to be a manufacturing error. We do not replace gaskets or fittings due to breakage or wear and tear. Gaskets over time will become worn even with good brewing practices. If incorrect handling or cleaning is performed to the tank, we do not cover damages for improper use of the tank. All tanks come including set-up instructions to avoid mishandling. 

The warranty is void under the following conditions:

  • Post purchase fabrications or permanent modifications that change the tanks function or optimal working ability. 

  • The tank is resold. Our warranty is not transferrable. 

  • The tank is dropped or damaged during unloading on the customer end. 

  • Improper install on the customer end 

  • Third party sales or resale. (warranty is non-transferable.)

  • The customer chooses to run shipping as LTL. 

  • The customer uses the tank beyond its design function. This includes excessive pressure, volatile chemicals, and extreme temperatures. 


Option #1:

LTL is a very affordable way to ship smaller tanks in crates. We highly suggest crating tanks completely for the security of the cargo. LTL means the cargo will go on and off of multiple trucks in route to the final destination. This adds time and risk of damage in transit regardless of cargo insurance as handling occurs. We require a shipping release should a customer choose to use LTL. LTL timelines vary, typically 7-12 days on average. 

Option 2#:

Partial Loads are the most popular shipping method. They are the intermediate pricing option for those who want their tanks on one truck for the whole ride. The tanks will make a few stops on the way, but will remain on the same truck for the whole journey. This is the most preferred method of shipment, and takes typically 5-8 days depending on the final destination in the country. 

Option #3:

Dedicated is the fastest most secure way to send large cargo. The tanks will go on a dedicated truck bound straight for final destination without stops. The word dedicated follows suite in the description of the journey. The driver is dedicated to just your load, which means the equipment arrives faster, better ETA windows, and the lowest risk of damages in transit. This type of shipping costs a premium and can be very expensive. Typically it is suggested for large loads that will take up a whole truck anyway. 


Returns are accepted on a case by case basis and require managements approval. Returns can be accepted due to manufacturing error. Returns are not accepted for special build orders, and cancellations are required 48 hours from the time or order placement for deposit refund. Deposits are non-refundable outside that time. Equipment eligible for refund much be in original condition and never used, customer is responsible for return shipping.


HG Tanks in located in the small train town of Loomis California just outside of Sacramento. Sacramento is a hub of some award winning breweries in the state and offers a wide variety of styles as well as a friendly local community of brewers that shares knowledge and support. We are proud to be a part of the local community here. We also have customers all over the country including parts of the East Coast and Canada. Give us a call so we can help you continue building on your dream of contributing to the craft beer industry. 

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