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We rely on gas all around us for a variety of things. It is produced from many places and comprised of a menagerie of compounds. It matters greatly to us in the field of beverage packaging and manufacturing as a tool for texture, flavor enhancement and of course product stabilization.



Did you know Hard Seltzer sales jumped 169% in 2019? This is a 1 Billion dollar industry being dominated by InBev... and should be tackled by our local craft markets with the freshest local ingredients to add a regional flavor to the seltzers you could easily blend on premise.

Did you know that Perrier Seltzer water is carbonated at 18PSI? Yea we did too, that is why we took the industry standard carbonation for a leading brand of seltzer and applied it to the necessary PRV rating used to make higher carbed beverages. Our brite tanks can be outfitted with a 30psi rated pressure relief valve so you can crank your carb levels up for seltzer.The glycol jackets are tested at 15psi for general safety, and the tanks are tested at 45psi for 24 hours to ensure pressure standards are held and met. We include larger carbstones, so you can dissolve faster, and we have bottom dish glycol jacket coverage area on the base of the tank, not just the walls, so you can get cooler faster.

Did you know that Carbon Dioxide dissolves in coffee as bubbles that we all know and love in the form of carbonation, but over the course of weeks degrades into carbonic acid. Carbonic Acid is bitter, and thus creates off flavors in coffee over short periods of time. It is not recommended that you package with CO2 for this reason. Nitrogen is the best, not only for its well appreciated smooth creamy texture, but also because it does not breakdown and cause off flavor in the final product.

Breweries all over the country are jumping on the wagon with zero calorie hard seltzers to appease the emerging fan base. We want to make sure you have that extra brite tank so you can quickly whip up an easy-to-blend batch of flavored seltzer to get on tap in the coming year 2020. That is why we supply carbstones, and typically recommend 12" stone lengths for most tanks below 30BBL sizes as it creates the most surface area and therefore faster carbonation.


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