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Brew Day with LogOff Brewing Co.

Today was a very special and rewarding day. We were invited to brew with Head Brewer and Owner Jim Noss at Log Off Brewing Co. in Rancho Cordova California. This kind of connection is not only a good hands-on day with equipment, but it is a time of celebration. Jim and his business partner Matt have been building and planning this dream for a long while, and have started their business amidst the infamous and soon-to-be historically marked pandemic of the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19).

This kind of dedication to their own business, and to the craft is commendable and shows solidarity in the industry. We were happy to be invited to their first brew day. The brew day started off with Jim's mash-in for his staple blonde ale that will be on tap soon.

The opportunity for us to get a hands-on feel for what it is like for our end users keeps us in touch with the modern brewer and his/her needs. It is a time to take notes, reflect on improvements and consistently innovate to make brewing enjoyable and efficient. We want to use the equipment we build, otherwise why are we in the business of building equipment if we don't know how to use it? We are a company filled with brewers, welders, and craftsman of all sorts. We love to brew beer, and we want to provide the best equipment we can to others who brew beer and have dreams of starting or expanding their brewery. It is a proud thing to say, that we are brewers who design equipment for brewers. This is something that sets our company apart from your run-of-the-mill salesmen at any other tank supply chain.

Craft Automation has programmed the control panel specifically for Log Off's Brewhouse. Not only is the brewhouse integrated completely but the fermenter cellar controls are as well. The photo to the left shows the cellar control screen and the temp sets which automate the solenoids for the glycol allowance to each vessel. You can name the tanks, track progress, and set temps from the touchscreen interface. The control box worked effortlessly, and in my opinion improved efficiency greatly when you can switch between screens and have alarms for everything. We work with Craft Automation to customize your exact control needs. They are the best we have found in the industry.

We spent plenty of time taking diligent readings as one does, and tracking the recipe progress. The one thing that was unexpected in the brew day was how efficient this system was. The recipe wont need adjusting, but the timing will to accommodate for how fast conversions occurred. The addition of Rice Hulls was also a noted necessity, as the wheat required for this grain bill was hefty.

We can't wait to see what LogOff Brewing does next, but we know it will be big and we will be there to celebrate it with them. If you ever find yourself in Rancho Cordova California, stop in for a pint.

From left to right: (Matt and Jim of LogOff Brewing. Ashley of HG Tanks Inc.)

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