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Building A Brand In A Pandemic

We can all collectively agree, that all of us at one point or another have been impacted by COVID-19. This virus is dangerous, gripping, and moreover has caused economic changes in ways we have not seen before in our lifetimes.

We started HG Tanks in the midst of this pandemic. This was not on purpose, it was because we had a dream of building something better and it fell on bad timing. With knowledge, modest resources, and a mission to provide quality affordable equipment to the Craft Beer Industry HG Tanks started up. We have been building despite this lock-down and its negative impacts.

Months later into the muck of this pandemic shut down, we have found a silver lining. The best part of the day in recent weeks, is hearing from our customers the stories about how they have pushed back at this virus that has affected their business. These hard working people have sustained a micro-economy in this country through the laborious task of brewing beer for their communities and packing it out despite shut-downs and supply shortages. Through this pandemic, there is a collective narrative of the American Spirit that says we will pivot and move forward through adverse times because we can and we must.

It is inspiring that the folks in the Craft Beer Industry are coming together and learning from each other to weather this pandemic impact. We at HG Tanks want to extend our congratulations and our personal inspiration that has been had from these stories. We will be here providing Unitanks for all your production needs now and in the coming months.

A huge Thank You to all our customers

-HG Team

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