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Who We Are

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The thing we like folks to know most about us, is that we are comprised of a group of multi-faceted individuals who all either work or have worked in the wine, beer, welding, finance and engineering/design field. To this note, we have designed a new uni-tank fermenter design that is unlike anything else on the market. Our SmartHandle design is our trademark, and that isn't the only thing that sets our tanks apart from the rest. We care very much about the people who use the equipment we have built and designed, and we want to share our efficiency changes and upgrades with them. We listen, and if you have a specific need for your equipment, we will facilitate that vision.

We as a collective understand the in's and out's of a brewery. From its initial idea to the moment you pour the first pint. We have a stable and long lasting relationship with a welding contractor who works in the beverage manufacturing industry. We have a partner who works daily in breweries on the mobile packaging side. We have a CAD firm that can render confidential designs. We work direct with a Fire Protection Engineer to advise on Div 6 and Div. 7 lab requirements. We consult with mechanical engineers to assure the tanks will function as designed for safety and guarantee. This means higher costs, but we believe in doing it right the first time.

Opening any business is daunting. We know this is a big leap, an even bigger investment and most of all a deeply rewarding and sometimes difficult road to travel. We want to be there to support your brewery/lab/production facilities growth, make sure it has quality supplies that last with on-going warranty support and a team of people who know what you are talking about.

We like to support and drink Local Craft Beer. That is a big thing for us. We have all felt first hand the impact of the craft beer market on our American economy. It has transported us back to a time where the American dream meant something attainable. Where hard work, long days, and the ingenuity of a product shared in a local community meant job growth and prosperity outside of multi-level corporate interests. This particular product has spearheaded other beverage market growth like craft soda, seltzers and cold brew coffee.


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