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HG Tanks: Why Our UniTank is Different

HG Tanks is a company comprised of a group of brewers, welders and creators. Our tank design is not meant to boast any kind of overly sophisticated engineering. We want to showcase thoughtful design that is rooted in not only function, but also aesthetic.

Our smart handle is reflective of basic ergonomics. We kept hearing at the CBC and from brewing colleagues about their issues with racking arm guides breaking and generally being difficult to control on their brew tanks. HG has remedied this by applying our smart handle design to the Uni-Tanks. It is welded on with greater surface contact, and the finger grip provides more controlled torque dispersement during rotation.

Our signature front facing port panel is another unique feature you won’t see on other brew tanks out there. I thought why not have everything in one linear spot? It just makes practical sense. No more moving around the tank to take readings when you have everything centrally located. Plus it saves a few inches on either side in case space restrictions come up in your brewhouse.

We are in business because we believe in the beer industry and what it means for the US economy. We have fun meeting all the smart creative talent in this industry, and we want to add something back to it. If you ever come up with your own great idea, we want to facilitate your customization here in the US with our welding partners.


HG Tanks Team

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