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3.5bbl UNITANK Fermenter


Height: 77.5"  Width: 38"  Weight: 430lbs


  • SmartHandle TM design
  • 3.5BBL (108.5gal.) working capacity
  • 25% Head Space
  • DIN Racking Arm
  • Linear front facing ports with extra port
  • 3mm gauge steel walls
  •  Polyurethane Insulated 
  • Glycol jacketed including cone
  • Adjustable feet (threads)
  • Includes all parts and fittings
  • 304 SS 12 setting butterfly handles
  • 6" carbstone with gas adapter
  • 6" Hop Port with handle grip
  • 2" Drain Out pipe
  • Satin Polished exterior
  • Sanitary Polished Interior
  • Images may be subject to copyright



RTD (remote temperature device)

NPT Glycol Adapters


  • We run 3 types of shipping options

    1. LTL

    This shipping choice is the cheapest way to get tanks to you. However, it is a high risk shipping option as tanks will change trucks enroute as well as make frequent stops adding to freight travel time. We require a shipping release should a customer choose this option. FOB would be our warehouse. 

    2. Partial Load

    A partial load is a flatbed or van truck, and the tanks would share a trip with the other cargo enroute. The tanks would not ever come on or off a truck. This option is the most popular. 

    3. Dedicated Load

    This is a dedicated truck, with only the tanks on board heading directly to their final destination with no uneccessary stops or exchanges. This is the most expenseive and safest/fastest shipping option. 

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